Fun day Riding KTM 500 in North Mississippi Woods

Turbo and Bosco in the forest

Turbo and Bosco in the forest

What a crazy month. Highs not above 20s one week, then warm and wet the next.  However; yesterday,
we awoke to a beautiful blue sky and day time temps of nearly  70 degrees. Massive storms rolled
back in hours after I put the bike away. Today feels like January again.

I rode with a friend in an area of North Mississippi I had never ridden. Thankfully the woods did a fantastic job of absorbing the massive amounts of rain we have had recently. Other than a few areas, it was not bad. Of course it did have slippery spots, thankfully I was on a new front knobby and have a  massive hybrid rear tire.

I tested 960 48fps a few days after the video’s below; I like it much better. 960 format in the woods is spectacular and the faster frame rate helps tremendously with the constant movement of off road riding. Riding later today, will post some of the new footage soon.

Chillin' on a Jaunary Afternoon

Chillin’ on a Jaunary Afternoon

Here are the videos from yesterdays ride. I just wish Youtube looked as crisp and clean and the video prior to upload.





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