1st ride on a new trail. KTM 500’s having Fun!

My buddy laid this trail out a few days ago. Today was my 1st time to see it. He made a very cool trail on a small parcel of land. We did 4 laps, or 12 miles. This is a bit from the 1st lap.  It has some small hills, slick sections, super tight twisty sections and the downed tree to hop over every so often.  I changed my Go Pro to 1280×960 48fps. I really like the orientation much better for the dirt bike. 30fps was just not fast enough to capture the craziness that happens when you are on such uneven surfaces.  Youtube does no justice to how perfect the video looks prior to upload. GoPro’s don’t do a very good job of captururing the terrain, it appears much less technically challenging.  It does give one who has never understood the appeal a look.  Dirt is so much fun. You just do your thing. If you want to pull a wheelie, get air, or rip full blast, no one is hiding around a bend with a radar gun. The freedom is completely liberating. Then add a machine that will take you anywhere on the planet and you just found a bit of heaven.

Clearing trail, Machete in hand.

Clearing trail, Machete in hand.

My dad surprised me with my first dirt bike over 42 years ago. I marvel that this bike has a license plate; I feel like I am getting away with something every time I go onto city streets. I still trailer it more often than not, but just having the option to legally drive on the roads is great.

Who needs a gym, riding off road is the best full body work out ever devised.  The past year I have worked to add strength and balance while losing 30 lbs, but when I ride I realize that I’m still not in great shape. But that is changing with every ride. Only seat time prepares you for man handling a 250 lb beast through the trees, over jumps, drop offs, gaps, and mud. It may not feel like exercise, but I surely know I have done something when I am done.

The power and torque of the KTM 500 is outstanding. With over a foot of suspension travel, it laughs at anything I will ever throw at it.   Click here to go to my Dirt Bike Video Page

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