Ktm 500 Playing in the woods. A perfect January day down south.

KTM climbing a hill

KTM climbing a hill

A couple of days ago, I had the luck to ride my KTM 500 in 3 separate wooded trail areas. All of the trails are lightly used. All total, we probably rode 10 trails all within a few minutes of each other. This is where having a license plate is so nice.  I have never has an issue with the police even back when a bunch of us rode KDX 200’s, but it is an extra piece of mind being street legal.

The KTM 500 I ride is crazy tall.  The suspension travel is extraordinary.  On my old KDX both feet were flat on the ground, on the KTM I can barely touch one toe in boots.   I have been fortunate to be able to log quite a few hours seat time in the past 10 days. I am starting to really understand how to make this bike do the dance. Not there yet, but I feel my riding getting more and more fluid. The other half of that equation is getting back into riding shape.

If you are in the market for a street legal dirt bike, KTM is a good place to start.  It is not a GS, DR, Vstrom etc. Those bikes can do dirt and gravel, but not much more. They are just too heavy, plus they don’t have a proper suspension.  I personally decided not to get a compromise, so I have both my BMW K1200RS and the KTM. Some of the places we go or obstacles we must clear halt most riders before they begin.  Funny thing, all the obstacles that caused a pause now are the area’s you look forward to hitting.

Youtube has a wealth of riders better than I will ever be who do a great job of explaining how to use advanced techniques that are not common sense to make obstacles stress free. Seat time is key, but if you learn proper habits from world class riders, you will find an enjoyment in nature that is pretty indescribable. Even after riding more than 40 years, I still find their are things I can  improve as a rider.

Here are a few videos from the 20+ miles we rode. 72 degrees in January…amazing  –   high 30’s today… bummer.  Click here to go to my Dirt Bike Video Page


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