Belize City – 2013

Belize 2013 24We have visited Belize City twice, both times as stops on a cruise. The first time back in 2006, the city was on lock-down and we were not allowed into the city proper. Then in 2013, we were back again and it was the highlight of our cruise.

We met a really nice tour guide who gave us a horse and buggy tour for about 90 minutes all through out the city. He was incredibly knowledgeable and well educated. If you ever get down this way on a cruise, do yourself a favor and do not arrange for a tour on the ship. For about 1/4 or less the cost, you will get a much better experience. I have found this true everywhere we have visited.

Bob in Belize

Bobby in Belize ’06

Back in 2006, my entire family traveled together. It was the 2 year anniversary of my giving my oldest brother Bobby a kidney. He was healthy for the first time in years.  Giving the gift of life is the most awesome experience of my life.  Bobby passed in late 2012, but the memories of this trip will last a lifetime

I hope you enjoy the following galleries, they are from both trips to Belize.




Belize City, 2013
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