BMW’s and Mazda’s through the years

RX-8 in Cade’s Cove

I love rear wheel drive sports cars, but I won’t own an automatic. That cuts down my choice of vehicles greatly. I bought an ’85 Mazda RX-7 for 16 years. Man was that car fun! A go kart for the street. I added massive headers and pipes, beefed up and balanced the suspension and near the end, put in a Jim Downing racing motor in it. You could power slide it for days.  I  added a trailer hitch to pull my racing go kart and dirt bike. something I never saw on another one.  Later, I got an RX-8, also a go kart for the street. Those rotary motors are just fantastic other than gas mileage. I had well over 200,000 miles on the ’85 before a builder offered me the Jim Downing motor. During the same period, I also had a run of BMW’s.  The first stick I ever drove was my dad’s ’73 2002cii. Later I found a great ’88 325is which I drove for many years until my girl friend ran over something and put a picture window into the oil pan. Bummer. I then got a ’93 325 is. This was originally an Atlanta Falcon’s football players car. He put a 95 M3 body Kit on it with a track suspension. This car was sweet and sounded even better. Then one day my buddy with the Porsche came over and said he was buying it, but it was not for sale! Well, long story short, anything is for sale when enough money is put on the table. I then went on a multi year search for my latest BMW. A 2003 330i ZHP 6 speed came popped up and I bought it quick.  The ZHP is BMW’s stop gap for when they quit selling the 4 door M3. This car is truly special. From the M3 suspension and 6 speed gearbox, to the added power over the standard 330i’s.  The interior is really nice with a sound system that is mind blowing. All Factory! I may never sell this Bimmer. It is glued to the road as if it is on rails with its massive tires and M3 suspension.





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