Hilton Head, SC – A photographic view

Hilton Head Beach

Hiton Head, SC Beach view.

Hilton Head, South Carolina – 2009

Back in 2009 we traveled to Hilton Head, SC.  We had a great time riding bicycles on the beaches and through the bike friendly paths that go everywhere.

biking in Hilton Head

Bicycling in Hilton Head is spectacular. sidewalks are not on the side of the road like everywhere else.

Hilton Head is a bicyclist’s dream destination. The sidewalks don’t just run down the roads, they meander through the woods, over bridges, and to the beaches. Most times the street is quite a distance so it is very safe.

The beaches are hard pack, so riding a bike on them is about the same as being on pavement. The wind however is a different story. Going with the wind, I don’t think I pedaled  once in 3 miles, coming back about killed me as I was riding into a non-stop 25-30 mph wind.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  I brought my bike from home and we rented one for Lisa. After a couple of days, she was enjoying herself so much we purchased a Trek Pure for her.

biking on the beach

Biking on the beach in Hilton Head.

What a spectacular bike, forward recumbent and a very low seat. This makes riding much safer since she can sit comfortably on her seat while stopped with both feet solidly on the ground.

My only real complaint with Hilton Head, other than the 750 mile drive to get their, was it is very private. Even to get into the main harbor and restaurant area you had to purchase a day pass. Most driveways in Hilton Head are gated, so other than where you are staying and some public access ways to the beach, you are limited in where you can visit.

We saw a lot of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, we did a night cruise with the dolphins, we of course ate well and generally had a spectacular time.

 All photography © Andrew Allen Photography – 2009

Hilton Head 2009
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