K1200rs BMW

Riding the Dragon

Riding the Dragon , Hwy 129 at Deals Gap in East Tennessee


K1200 rs, a fine example of a BMW Motorcycle.

Arkansas Dragon Nov 2014 Fork Cam BMW K1200RS

Arkansas Dragon, Hwy 123. in the heart of the Arkansas Ozarks

I really enjoy motorsports and driving. Fast cars and motorcycles are a must in my daily life. Here is my 2004 BMW K1200rs. I have had it for about a year, or roughly 9100 miles as of May 2015. The bike has just over 35,000 miles on it and is a pure joy to ride. I have ridden it to the Arkansas Ozarks and just recently returned from a 1450 mile trip to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. It is just amazing on the mountain roads.  The pic above was shot in late April 2015 on the famed Tail of the Dragon in East Tennessee. I am running 2 GoPro’s , one on the rear of the bike and the other on the front fork.

Arkansas Hwy 123 has a section known as the “Arkansas Dragon“. It is spectacular. It has 1st gear switchbacks, steep climbs, lots of 3rd and 4th gear turns and some nice open roads. This road has no cross roads, stop signs, or much of anything in 14 miles. It is just a fine example of a riding perfection in the heart of God’s Country.  On an average ride, you may see one or two other vehicles, often, none.  Just pure fun.

Andy riding a BMW K1200rs

Andy riding a BMW K1200rs

This is the much more enjoyable cousin of the Tail of the Dragon in East Tennessee. I have ridden them both numerous times over the years including very recently. The Arkansas Dragon is by far my favorite.  No silly 30mph, no state troopers and NO traffic. The Ozarks are motorcycle friendly territory. The Smoky Mountains have awesome roads, and in general are more twisty, but in the Ozarks you can ride virtually traffic free all day on superb roads. With that said, I truly enjoyed my rides on Moonshiner 28, the Dragon, and Cherohala Skyway this past week.  Cherohala is quite similar to the Ozark rides, but more scenic.

I try to ride on any day the weather is nice. I switch between a Yamaha FJR 1300 and my BMW K1200rs. Both are super rides. The BMW has many special mods that were already installed when I purchased it. The Two Brothers pipes and headers make this  baby sing.  I find that alone makes the ride more visceral in every way.


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  1. Ralph Handy says:

    Cool dude on the top photo. Who is that guy?

    • KDXer says:

      That guy is a super friend of mine. He is smart, friendly, and generous to a fault… and a bit nuts. He can ride the hell out of a motorcycle and has a bad to the bone Porsche as well. Not many can say they drive a Porsche and ride BMW motorcycles. He can choose between his Cayman, K1200rs or K1600GT. Poor guy has such a horrible time choosing which bad ass ride he will enjoy on any given day!

      Speed is his friend and traveling companion. He is also known as ‘Buck60’.

      Guido is just a cool dude!

  2. Ralph Handy says:

    So are you going to ride this winter?

  3. Sally Maury says:

    Merry Christmas

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