New Orleans

Boubon Street, where people are always moving and shakin'

Boubon Street, where people are always movin’ and shakin’

Nawlin’s … a city you must visit at least once in your life!

New Orleans is the most unique city in the United States. It has a long multicultural history that gives it a special charm. It is the home of Mardi Gras, the French Quarter, Jackson Square, Audubon Park and is on the mouth of the Mississippi River. Many visitors only come to sample the amazing food that is often copied, but rarely duplicated.

The French Quarter - New Orleans

Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop – New Orleans – Founded 1775

Nawlin’s is one city you must visit.  The French Quarter and Bourbon Street may be it’s best known attractions, but they are far from the only thing the city has to offer. It has one of the best parks and zoo’s in the country. History drips off of every street corner.  Not many places can say they are home to a 240 year old bar. Jean Lafitte’s on Bourbon St has been serving thirsty patrons since 1775.

Bring a good pair of walking shoes or better yet a bicycle. We no longer travel without our bikes. They will let you explore with the greatest of ease, plus no one will try to stop and panhandle while you are on the move. Cars are of little use in the French Quarter. The French Quarter, Jackson Square, the French Market, and the River Walk is just too large to enjoy  on foot. A bicycle is the great way to enjoy the Crescent City.


Central Grocery, a must stop location on Decatur street.

Central Grocery, a must stop location on Decatur street.

Central Grocery is one place we visit each and every trip. Central was opened in 1906 and the floors are grooved from all the foot traffic in over 100 years of business. They make the best Olive salad and Muffuletta on the planet.  When ever friends or family head to New Orleans, I have them pick up a couple of jars of their Olive mix. It is amazing, and this is from someone who does not care for olives as a rule. Please do yourself a favor and try one of their Muffuletta’s. They are huge, one will feed 2 easily.  Don’t even think of trying one anywhere else, it won’t be the same.




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