Dirt Bike Trail Videos – KTM 500Exc

Turbo and Bosco in the forest

Turbo and Bosco in the forest



Dirt bikes have been a part of my life since I was 12. Many years later, I still enjoy it as much as ever, what a wonderful workout. I have decided to create a page for Off Road vids. Getting outside away from cell phones, computers, tech in general brings me back to my roots. I enjoy tech and made my living at it, but I worry too many of the younger generation are missing out on a lot.

Most of these trails are tight and twisty. They are designed to keep 4 wheeler’s off of them.  All of the great motorcycle trails around town have been destroyed by 4 wheelers and trucks.  Such a shame, but they seem to take pride in doing as much damage as possible.



Here’s to not growing old gracefully.

Here is one I had to add just because…. Isle of Man TT is just Awesome! Guy Martin chasing Michael Dunlop. Guy is fast as hell, but Michael is the true master!
Just watch the lead bike’s lines, so clean and perfect everywhere, it is evident why Dunlop wins so often. Guy has to do some real over riding to stay up. It looks more like a practice lap than a race lap. You will see the lead bike raise his hand and they both slow down for a few corners, then back to full throttle they go.  As a race fan, the bikes are the only true flat out non-compromised racing left. Be it on Dirt, Moto-GP, or these crazy dudes.  Most of the great Moto-GP guys are in the crowd, very few actually suit up, this is on a whole other level of racing commitment. I love speed, 150+ is just awesome, these guys make that look slow.

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