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I have been shooting photos my entire life.  I got my 1st 35mm SLR when I was 10. It was a Nikkormat. At the same time, I setup my 1st darkroom. Over the years I have upgraded my Nikon bodies to an Fe and later an F3.  I then moved to digital where I first used a 3mp Nikon 995. This was not an SLR, but it did provide 100% manual features. I took some quite amazing shots with this early digital camera.  In 2006 I got a D200. This is my current camera, but with over 100,000 shots on it, I am ready for an upgrade. This camera works with all of my old Nikon lenses, a few of which are nearly 50 years old.  Quality never go out of style and the ability to make a quality lens is not new technology.

I first started as a way to share my photos and learn to build and code websites.  Corvetteman first came online in 2002. Many of the photos you will find here go back to my childhood. Some were shot of slides originally which I later converted to digital. A few were shot by my father many years ago.

Appalachian Trail

Hiking the Appalachian Trail above Clingman’s Dome

I hope you enjoy the following galleries. This is an ever growing and changing site, I carry a camera pretty much everywhere. Sometimes it is just my GoPro2 or GoPro3 and my cell, other times it is my complete setup.  Since most of my explorations these day come on 2 wheels, I am often limited to my cell and GoPro’s.  My GoPro’s mount directly to my motorcycle and helmet in a variety of locations, mainly using ram mounts which are far superior to the GoPro mounting system.

I have a huge selection of photos from the Great Smoky Mountains, New Orleans, and the Memphis Zoo.  These are a few locations that I visit often.





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